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5-minute Chocolate Cake

    📚 Book Name5-minute Chocolate Cake

    Step 2: Mix Your Ingredients 

    • Add all of the dry ingredients to the mug and mix.
    • Add the egg and combine well. It gets pretty pasty at the point.
    • Stir in milk and oil.
    • Add chocolate chips* and splash of vanilla. Stir well.

    *if you don’t have chocolate chips, try a broken up candy bar – I can’t stress how much this amps the awesomeness of your cake

    Step 3: Nuke It!

    • Microwave for 3 minutes in a 1000w oven, or 4 minutes in a 700w oven.

    It will start to crown over the top of the mug. Don’t panic! It will collapse once the heat stops.

    Step 4: Experiment!

    Some people have had mixed results with the final texture of this cake.

    This cake is tricky mostly because of people’s microwaves all being different. I experimented a lot with the amounts of different ingredients.

    I think if it’s something you’re going to make quite a lot in the future, it’s worth fussing around with! Try just a bit less time in the microwave (you can always put it back in for more). If that doesn’t help, try a little less egg, or a little less flour.

    Keep notes on what you’re trying each time, and eventually you’ll find the cake that’s perfect for both you and your microwave!

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