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A Christmas Carol PDF by Charles Dickens (1843)

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A Christmas Carol PDF is a classical piece of literature, written by Charles Dickens and published in London in 1843.

Charles Dickens was an English author known for his ability to create in-depth characters.
He was and still is considered by scholars as a literary genius.

A Christmas Carol PDF tells the story of a rich man named Ebenezer Scrooge who was hard-hearted.
Something incredibly unexpected will happen to the rich man, the ghost of his dead partner will visit him.
Things will then take an expected turn.

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A Christmas Carol PDF‘s Cover:

A Christmas Carol PDF Charles Dickens EnglishPDF

Diving into A Christmas Carol PDF by Charles Dickens:

The rich man’s least favorite time is Christmas, a time where families reunite, a time known for love, generosity, and sympathy.
That year he cursed beggars and frowned up children, something had to be done.

A Christmas Carol PDF is the tale of a man who was visited by ghosts of Christmas that showed him the reality in which he was living.
No man respected him, and no one loved him, this crushing reality will change Ebenezer’s life forever.

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Title A Christmas Carol
Author Charles Dickens
Edition Chapman & Hall
ISBN 9781503212831
Pages 146
4.3/52 ratings

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