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Born a Crime PDF (2016)

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Born a Crime PDF is an autobiography, it was written by and published in 2016.

is a South African comedian, writer, and overall entertainer,  he currently hosts The Daily Show, and other entertainment shows on Comedy Central.

Born a Crime PDF is the story of a young South African boy, who was born out of an interracial relationship between a white Swiss man and a black South American woman.
In the timeline where the story takes place, such relationships were not allowed and were often punished by law.

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Born a Crime PDF‘s Cover:

Born a Crime PDF Trevor Noah EnglishPDF


Diving into Born a Crime PDF:

The title of this book; Born a Crime PDF, comes from the idea that the birth of the main character was due to an illegal relationship.
His very existence is tangible proof that his mother and father committed a felony and thus should be punished accordingly.
Torn between the harsh reality of his existence and an overprotective mother, Noah finds himself more often than not in dangerous situations.

This is a story of a brave young boy who tried to find a place for himself in this world that wanted nothing to do with him.

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Title Born a Crime
Author Trevor Noah
Edition Spiegel & Grau
ISBN 9780399588174
4.3/52 ratings

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