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Download Daring Do’s: History of Extraordinary Hair [PDF]

    📚 Book NameDaring Do's: History of Extraordinary Hair
    👨‍🏫 AuthorMary Trasko
    📄 Pages144 Pages
    🏷️ ISBN9782080135490

    Download free Daring Do’s: History of Extraordinary Hair [PDF]

    The symbolism and significance of hair have fascinated historians, writers, and artists Erotic or obscene, and sometimes an extravagant indicator of social status, there is, however, a strange duality in attitudes towards hair that has led some cultures to relegate it to the private realm, concealing it from view with elaborate wigs or veils.
    Daring Do’s tells the story of the most astonishing coiffures of Western civilization, from ancient times when the marble “wigs” on Roman portrait busts were changed with every passing fashion in hairstyles, to the magnificent creations of the last days of the French monarchy, when ladies of the court rivaled one another with absurd, outrageous, and even allegorical coiffures.

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    The 19th century witnessed extreme transformations in hairstyles, from the short mass of unruly curls held back by a black headband made famous by the beautiful Juliette Recamier to the long, flowing tresses of the Pre-Raphaelite muses. The 1920s brought the bob, and it has been said that women’s decision to cut their hair was as important a step towards independence as obtaining the right to vote. Today, hairstyles remain at the forefront of fashion. Elaborate hair designs, often employing artificial hair, made a comeback during the 1980s, and the final chapter on contemporary fantasy coiffures illustrates styles that could rival even the greatest creations of the 18th century.

    Download free Daring Do’s: History of Extraordinary Hair [PDF]
    Mary Trasko’s entertaining history of extraordinary hair is interwoven with charming anecdotes about the elegant women who influenced the styles of their time. Men’s hairstyles remarkable enough to merit inclusion will show that the obsession with coiffure is by no means a purely feminine folly.

    Download free Daring Do’s: History of Extraordinary Hair [PDF]

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