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Emotional Intelligence PDF download

    📚 Book NameEmotional Intelligence PDF download
    👨‍🏫 AuthorDaniel Goleman
    📄 Pages384
    🏷️ ISBN9781559273824

    Emotional Intelligence PDF download

    Daniel states that Intelligence Quotient is not everything. IQ ignores the abilities of people and how they are doing in life. He states that the real success id EQ [Emotional success].

    Emotional Intelligence PDF download explains what do we mean by EQ. Emotional intelligence is based on 5 elements. Self-awareness is the first element. If you aware of every act you do, every feeling you experience, then you will be able to take right decisions.

    Managing emotions is the element num. 2. Controlling your emotions is an essential skill that you must learn. Thirdly, self-motivation. You are really amazing if you could motivate yourself on your own with no need to any other person. Fourthly, empathy which helps you to get closer to persons. Handling relationships is the final element of EQ.

    How could we improve our Emotional Intelligence PDF download? Daniel illustrates some fallacies that you should avoid, as it doesn’t improve anything. Yelling back to the person who yelled at you doesn’t make you feel better.

    When you get angry, here are some alternatives to get your anger out of your body instead of yelling and cursing. Take a deep breath or go for a walk, but don’t get involved into negative, angry thoughts. Or, try to excuse the person before you and paraphrase his/her anger.

    Distract yourself instead feeling sadness. Negative thoughts will affect your mood-for sure-and will make you depressed and sad. So, busy yourself shifting your mood that makes you feel fun maybe. Read a book or have a sport. No body ever wanted to be sad or depressed. I can feel how miserable this feeling is!

    Emotional Intelligence PDF download doesn’t tell you not to get angry, rather it tells you to guide your anger to be always emotionally healthy.