Forbidden Knowledge : From Prometheus to Pornography by Roger Shattuck PDF for FREE

Download Forbidden Knowledge : From Prometheus to Pornography PDF for FREE

Forbidden Knowledge is written by Roger Shattuck. It is a book which explores two of today’s most important moral issues: the explosion of scientific knowledge and the problem of pornography as represented by the recent rehabilitation of the Marquis de Sade. In a compelling synthesis of history and literature, Shattuck challenges the meaning of moral responsibility in our daily life, providing a landmark history of Western culture that will dazzle the reader.

Here are some extracts from Forbidden Knowledge pdf:

Details about Forbidden Knowledge PDF:

  • Title of the book: Forbidden Knowledge : From Prometheus to Pornography
  • Author: Roger Shattuck
  • Genre: Non-fiction
  • Pages: 358 Pages
  • Edition: Harvest Books
  • Size: 1.21 M.B
  • ISBN: 978-0156005517


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