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Freakonomics PDF (2005)

    📚 Book NameFreakonomics
    👨‍🏫 AuthorSteven Levitt
    📄 Pages242
    🏷️ ISBN9780060731335

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    Freakonomics PDF is a non-fiction book on economics, written … and published in 2005.
    It sold approximately 4 million copies in only four years.

    is an economist and a professor at The University of Chicago.
    He won multiple awards for his distinguished skills, for both his contributions to the study of economy and for his teaching skills.

    Freakonomics PDF is a book that projects the arts of economics on, pretty much, the entire structure of modern Western society.
    This book will allow you to redefine your entire perspective on how our world really works.


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    Diving into Freakonomics PDF …:

    Starting by providing an ungodly amount of data, then proceeding to hover over an unasked question, allows the author to provide us with a full perspective on the matter.
    From drug dealers to sumo athletes, Freakonomics PDF treats the exact essence on which our society was built.

    This book mainly revolves around the study of incentives;
    In other words, what drives people to achieve or to follow up on their objectives.

    By studying what drives people to become drug dealers, or why the reason why real estate agents or successful, you get a peek at reality from an entirely new perspective.


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