[FREE] Harry Potter, tome 1: Harry Potter at the Wizarding School

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The day of his eleven years, Harry Potter, an orphan raised by an uncle and an aunt who hate him, sees his existence turned upside down. A giant named Hagrid comes to get him to take him to Hogwarts, a school of witchcraft! Flying in a broom, casting spells, fighting trolls: Harry turns out to be a gifted wizard. But what is the mystery that surrounds it? And who is the dreadful V …, the mage whose name no one dares to pronounce?

Friendship, surprises, dangers, comic scenes, Harry discovers his powers and life at Hogwarts. The first volume of the adventures of the young hero immediately charms you!

Harry Potter at the sorcerer’s school obtained the 1999 Witches prize of the novel and the Tam-Tam prize for children’s books 1999, category Je Bouquine …



Title Harry Potter, tome 1: Harry Potter at the...
Author JK Rowling
Pages 231
4.4/5433 ratings

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