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Jane Eyre PDF by Charlotte Brontë (1847)

    📚 Book NameJane Eyre
    👨‍🏫 AuthorCharlotte Brontë

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    An orphan, Jane Eyre is reluctantly taken in by an aunt who treats her harshly, and whose children harass their cousin. Then placed in boarding school, she stays there until the age of eighteen. She then became governess for the noble Mr. Rochester, with whom she soon fell in love, but the obstacles were numerous.

    Jane Eyre, it’s Charlotte Bronte herself, whose work, unique in the feminine production of her time, still upsets readers after more than a century. This autobiographical novel is also his masterpiece. With a truth, an intensity of expression perhaps never equaled, she traces the life of a poor governess loved by the father of her pupil, the rude Rochester, whose existence is surrounded by tragic and mystery. Fleeing heroically before a passion that she considers guilty, Jane Eyre, after long months of suffering, will finally find Rochester, blind, mutilated, abandoned by all, and will be able to unite his life with his.