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[FREE] The revolutionary genius of plants (2017)

    📚 Book NameThe Revolutionary Genius of Plants: A New Understanding of Plant Intelligence and Behavior
    👨‍🏫 AuthorStefano Mancuso
    📄 Pages225

    نتيجة بحث الصور عن the revolutionary genius of plants: a new understanding of plant intelligence and behaviorA scientific book within the reach of the man in the street

    A few hundred million years ago plants chose to live without moving. In order not to disappear, they have developed extraordinary techniques in order to make the most of their environment and it is all the better for men who without plants would have no air to breathe or food. Despite this, humans know little about plants because humans tend to study only what looks like them.

    In this educational essay Stefano Mancuso leaves his research laboratory to share with us some marvels of botany and simply show us that man has a future if he succeeds in taking a model from the way plants function, despite the fact that they do not have a central brain dictating instructions to peripheral systems.


    Stefano Mancuso is one of those scientists who manage to put themselves within the reach of ordinary people to amaze us and reassure us about the ability of our researchers to imagine tools to build a better world. The style and the words are simple, the subject effective. Reading it is a little more intelligent and curious about what surrounds us.