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Getting Things Done PDF Download

    📚 Book NameGetting Things Done PDF Download
    👨‍🏫 AuthorDavid Allen
    📄 Pages267
    🏷️ ISBN9780142000281

    Getting Things Done PDF Download

    How many times it happened when your closest friend won a significant prize and everyone congratulated him, and all of a sudden you say to yourself: oh I did not call him!?
    How many times you forgot an important task to do and you suddenly remember it, and then starts describing yourself as a horrible person?

    Getting Things Done PDF Download explains to you the reason behind forgetting such an important tasks to do as if they evaporated in one moment. The book illustrates how your brain works and how it creates ideas, rather than holding them.

    There are steps for getting things done which you should follow. Process is one of the important steps explained in Getting Things Done PDF Download. Ask yourself if the task is actionable or not, if yes, do it if it takes less than two minutes, and if no, you could delay it until later. Put tasks in your action list so that you will never forget them.

    Being organized is step number 3, which is divided into three criteria. Project, time and context is the solution for overcoming the problem of being messy. Getting Things Done PDF Download suggests you get a calendar so that you could keep every deadline you want to keep in mind. How blessing it is if you kept a small notes with you wherever you go!

    Dedicating some time weekly for reviewing your performance will help you to keep track of your organizing skills. It will open your eyes to solutions of the problems you come up with. If you suffer from chaos in your work-life or personal life, then you don’t want to miss reading this book.