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The importance of the book is in the painting of a historical and social shock that constitutes the modern world. Between the English rural community and the industrial world, the whole fabric of a country is torn apart. The forest of the novel, where Mellors, the gamekeeper lives, represents the last space of savagery and freedom; Lady Chatterley finds him there and finds himself there while seeing his usual universe shift.

This poetic novel should be read as a mixture of an initiatory journey, descent into hell, like a great lament over the state of England, with biblical echoes. The love story seduces at first reading, but the novel has historical and symbolic value.

The Story: Wragby Hall, on Chatterley land, in the heart of the mining country of England. October 1921. Constance, Lady Chatterley and Clifford, her husband, have been living in Wragby for a year or two.

Four years earlier, a few months after their marriage, Clifford, who was then a lieutenant in the British army, had returned from the Flanders front in pieces, his lower body paralyzed forever.

Winter covers everything. Constance runs monotonous days, locked in her own life, her sense of duty and her marriage to Clifford. Sad and indifferent to everything, she gradually drains from her strength.

Her sister Hilda comes running. She demands that Clifford hire a nurse for his personal care in order to lighten Constance’s burden. Mrs. Bolton moved to the castle. A new life begins.

Soon it will be spring. Outside, the vegetation awakens and the first tremors of nature accompany Constance in her first walks in the forest. But the forest is also the territory of Parkin, the gamekeeper of the estate (Editor’s note, in David Herbert Lawrence’s novel, the gamekeeper is called Mellors).

In his house in the middle of the woods, Parkin lives cut off from the world, in a solitude that he has conscientiously built himself.



Title Lady Chatterley's Lover
Author D. H. Lawrence
Edition New Ed edition
ISBN 1840224886
Pages 304
4.2/510 ratings

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