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Les Miserables PDF Download

    📚 Book NameLes Miserables PDF Download
    👨‍🏫 AuthorVictor Hugo
    📄 Pages1232
    🏷️ ISBN9781626865037

    Les Miserables PDF Download

    Honestly, I fell in love with Victor Hugo once I watched a musical movie embodying Les Mierables PDF Download. Briefly, this novel is the masterpiece of Hugo. The way he captured details in the conditions of the two classes in society, the poor and the rich who are guarded by police officers. The novel tackles with many themes that were the reason behind the French revolution.

    Les Miserables PDF Download tackles with themes of injustice, oppression, poverty, despair, hope, fear, disappointment and escaping. It is like he gathered all of the emotions of this world and put it in a single novel. People say accretions turns you into another person. That was exactly the case of Jean Valjean. For 22 years spent in prison without mercy because of a humanity case, the moment he is set free, he robbed a good, generous saint.

    Look how God interferes and gives you a good sign that in turn changes you forever! The saint let him go with much love and goodness, the act that made him decide to be a good man from now on. The good deed always sparks another.

    Fantine was one of the most oppressed characters in Les Miserables PDF Download. She lived a horrible life, in search for a piece of bread to feed her and her sweet daughter. She was forced to sell her hair in, exchange for  some money. It tears you up into pieces when you read about how her life was like.

    Of Course, all of those miserable individuals and these tough, harsh conditions do not need you to be silent. You have to take a step, and the step would be a revolution against the regime. Here comes the rule of Marious and the other brave friends. Victor showed in Les Miserables the right spirit of courage and sacrifice. The scenes of rebellion of the novel should be taken as a role model for us in the coming rebellions.

    For the first time I should say, you have missed the whole world behind if you never read this novel before. Get it at once as PDF and live with its lines.