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Market leader accounting and finance pdf for free


Download Market leader accounting and finance pdf for free

Market leader accounting and finance is one of a range of new specialist titles designed for use on its own or with the Market Leader series.
Ideal for students who need to learn the language of more specialised areas of business English, the book Market leader accounting and finance focuses on the reading skills and vocabulary development required for Accounting and Finance.

The Contents of this book Market leader accounting and finance

Accounting and fi nance in a changing world:
1 Developing global professionals
2 Establishing the profession worldwide
3 International Financial Reporting Standards
Reporting on performance:
4 Annual fi nancial statements
5 Company performance
6 Accounting for banks
Finance and investment:
7 Overseas investment
8 Start-up capital
9 Options trading
Corporate environmental, social and governance issues:
10 Green accounting
11 Responsible investing
12 Corporate governance
Risk management and failure:
13 Investment credit rating
14 Company insolvency
15 Banking – a risky business
16 Scary audit jargon
17 Auditor liability
18 A clean report
Check Tests:
Answer key
For more information on the Market Leader series go to: market-leader.

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Download Market leader accounting and finance pdf.

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