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Of Mice and Men PDF by John Steinbeck (1937)

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Of Mice and Men PDF is a classical novella, written by John Steinbeck, and published in 1937.

John Steinbeck is an American author, he won the Nobel prize in literature and was called “A Giant of American Letters“.

Of Mice and Men PDF tells the story of two foreigners, trying to work really hard to achieve their shared dream of owning land.
During their quest, they face an odd variety of characters, some more troublesome than others.

Of Mice and Men PDF‘s Cover:

Of Mice and Men PDF John Steinbeck EnglishPDF 1

Diving into Of Mice and Men PDF by John Steinbeck:

George Milton, a smart and witty man, and Lennie Small, his simple-minded yet strong friend, are two immigrants trying to find work during the great depression.
The duo finds themselves working on a farm where they face often odd types of problems.

With Lennie being mistreated and George drowning himself in jealousy, they felt the need to rush their dream.
Which could only backfire horribly on them?

Of Mice and Men PDF is a thrilling adventure filled with Friendship shared dreams and sympathy.

 Other Classical References:
A Tale of Two Cities
King John

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Title Of Mice and Men
Author John Steinbeck
Edition Covici Friede
ISBN 9780140177398
Pages 152
4.3/52 ratings

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