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Paradise Lost PDF by John Milton

    📚 Book NameParadise Lost
    👨‍🏫 AuthorJohn Milton
    📄 Pages427
    🏷️ ISBN9780140424393

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    Paradise Lost PDF is a collection of poems written by John Milton and published in 1667.

    John Milton is an English poet who served as a civil servant offering council for the Commonwealth of England.
    His writings were often had political and religious themes.

    Paradise Lost PDF talks about the biblical story of the fall of men, treating both the temptation of Adam and Eve and the eternal rivalry declared by the fallen angel.

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    Paradise Lost PDF‘s Cover:

    Paradise Lost PDF John Milton EnglishPDF

    Diving into Paradise Lost PDF:

    Paradise Lost PDF is John Milton’s epic attempt at justifying the ways of God to men.
    It conveys through beautifully crafted poems the story of God, Adam & Eve, and Satan. It depicts the rebellion of Satan on God and his devious intentions to ruin mankind.

    The story takes place in three different worlds: Heaven, hell, and earth.
    Heaven is the home to the Garden of Eden and therefore, the place where Adam & Eve lived together before being banished to earth.
    Hell is the place in which Satan and his band of fallen angels are sketching plans to drive mankind out of Heaven.
    And eventually, the earth the place in which Adam & Eve continue their lives after being cast out of Heaven due to their sin.

    Paradise Lost PDF continues to uphold its reputation as a timeless wonder delineating the story of mankind.

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