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Pigeon Needs a Bath! [PDF]

    📚 Book NamePigeon Needs a Bath!
    👨‍🏫 AuthorMo Willems
    📄 Pages40 Pages
    🏷️ ISBN9781423190875

    The Pigeon really needs a bath! Except, the Pigeon’s not so sure about that.

    Pigeon Needs a Bath! [PDF] Download Now

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    Besides, he took a bath last month! Maybe. It’s going to take some serious convincing to try and get the Pigeon to take the plunge

    Pigeon Needs a Bath! [PDF] Download Now

    His bird’s expressions and attitude are easy to discern. Pigeon fans will not want to miss this book, a “must add” to all libraries, for any reader appreciating the perfect art of persuasion.