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Download Selected Stories by William Trevor PDF for FREE

Selected Stories is an interactive book that contains about 47 stories written by William Trevor. William Trevor was an Irish novelist, playwright and short story writer. One of the elder statesmen of the Irish literary world, he was widely regarded as one of the greatest contemporary writers of short stories in the English language. 

Here some extracts from Selected Stories pdf:

  1. In the dining-room of the Pensione Cesarina solitary diners are fitted in around the walls, where space does not permit a table large enough for two. These tables for one are in three of the room’s four corners, by the door of the pantry wh


    the jugs of water keep cool, between one family table and another

    , on  

    either side of the tall casement windows that rattle when they’re closed or  

    opened. The dining-room is large, its ceiling high, its plain cream-coloured 

    walls undecorated. It is noisy when the pensione’s guests are there, the tables 

    for two that take up all the central space packed close together, edges touching.  

    The solitary diners are well separated from this mass by the passage left for the  

    waitresses, and have a better view of the dining-room’s activity and of the food 

    before it’s placed in front of them – whether tonight it is brodo or pasta, beef or   


    icken, and what the dolce is. 

  2. His eyes had been closed and he opened them, saying he wanted to see the stable-yard. Emily’s expression was empty of response. Her face, younger than his and yet not seeming so, was empty of everything except the tiredness she felt. ‘From the window?’ she said. No, he’d go down, he said. ‘Will you get me the coat? And have the boots by the door.’ She turned away from the bed. He would manage on his own if she didn’t help him: she’d known him for twenty-eight years, been married to him for twenty-three. Whether or not she brought the coat up to him would make no difference, any more than it would if she protested. ‘It could kill you,’ she said. ‘The fresh air’d strengthen a man.’

Further extracts from Selected Stories pdf:

Details about Selected Stories pdf:

  • Title of the book: Selected Stories
  • Author: William Trevor
  • Genre: literature
  • Edition: Penguin
  • Pages: 709 Pages
  • Size: 6.71 M.B
  • ISBN: 0670022063

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