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Sense and Sensibility PDF Download

    📚 Book NameSense and Sensibility
    👨‍🏫 AuthorJane Austen
    📄 Pages400
    🏷️ ISBN978-1980245094
    sense sensibility 16

    Sense and Sensibility PDF Download is a novel written by Jane Austen. It was published anonymously, tracking the lives of Dashwood sisters. The novel opens with the necessity of them moving out from the estate, where they spent their childhood. They moved with their widowed mother, and wanted to find a new home.

    They were lucky to be offered a modest home with a rent. In this home, they experience both love and heartbreak.

    The main time frame of Sense and Sensibility PDF Download is the victorian era. The two sisters are like completing each other, one is special for making up her mind, and the other acts according to her emotions and feelings.

    The main theme of Sense and Sensibility PDF Download is the clash and conflict between heart and mind. The message conveyed throughout the novel is that in order to make happiness in life, you need to achieve balance between heart and mind. You do not have to go extreme with one side, because you will fail in the end.

    This theme was not strange then, as there were a clash between 2 movements in the society at that time, romanticism and neoclassicism.

    The evaluation that took place inside the sister’s characters is exactly the same evaluation happened throughout the author’s life.

    Sense and Sensibility PDF Download has been adopted to many works like a movie, and a series. There is some part of us who tend to enjoy the Classics more than any other genre. The novel captures your heart with the era,  elegancy and the sophistication of it.  It is an interesting era full of nice costumes, traditions and social lives. You will enjoy reading it, for sure.