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Spring Girls PDF is a roman novel, written by the young author Anna Todd and published for the first time in 2017.

Anna Todd is an American young author.
Her most known work is the series After (you can check it out to get your free version ;) ).

Spring Girls PDF tells the story of four sisters Jo, Beth, Amy, and Meg.
These four girls work together as the force of nature in New Orleans.
This book follows the four lives and how time is gonna do with them.


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Spring Girls PDF‘s Cover:

Spring Girls PDF Anna Todd EnglishPDF


Diving into Spring Girls PDF by Anna Todd:

Spring Girls PDF is a modern best-seller that has been adapted by its author, Anna Todd.
It talks about the four girls of Officer Spring, that live near to New-Orleans with their mother Meredith while their father is on a mission in Irak.

The Spring Girls feel that their mother is hiding something, hence a strange feeling of anxiety and fear arouse.
This novel is an interesting modern work of drama, romance, and day-to-day narrating in the most sophisticated possible way.


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Title Spring Girls
Author Anna Todd
Edition Hugo Publishing
ISBN 9782755627077
Pages 442
4.5/53 ratings

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