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Sustainable Agriculture and Food [PDF]

Download Sustainable Agriculture and Food [PDF] free

The interest in the sustainability of agricultural and food systems can be traced to environmental concerns that began to appear in the 1950s and 1960s.

How- ever, ideas about sustainability date back at least to the oldest surviving writings from China, Greece and Rome (King, 1911; Cato, 1979; Hesiod, 1988; Con- way, 1997; Li Wenhua, 2001; Pretty, 2002). More recent concerns began to develop during the 1960s, and were particularly driven by Rachel Carson’s book Silent Spring (Carson, 1963).

Like other popular and scientific studies at the time, it focused on the environmental harm caused by agriculture.

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Download Sustainable Agriculture and Food [PDF] free

In the 1970s, the Club of Rome identified the economic problems that societies would face when environmental resources were overused, depleted or harmed, and pointed towards the need for different types of policies to generate sustainable economic growth.

Title Sustainable Agriculture and Food
Author Jules Pretty
Edition First edition
ISBN 978-1-84407-408-2
Pages 1949 pages
4.8/58 ratings

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