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Taxonomy of Angiosperm And Biodiversity [PDF]

    📚 Book NameTaxonomy of Angiosperm And Biodiversity
    👨‍🏫 AuthorDr. Lailit Tewari & Shalini Rawat & Shreekar Pant
    📄 Pages‎ 276 pages

    Taxonomy of Angiosperm And Biodiversity [PDF] Free Download

    Plant taxonomy is one of the earliest disciplines of Botany. It was started as ―Folk Taxonomy‖ in early 15th century but it has grown and gone very long way in the last 500 years. The concept and scope of Taxonomy has changed a lot. Though the flora of the earth was invented in the last three centuries yet the modern taxonomists are facing challenges.

    Taxonomy of Angiosperm And Biodiversity [PDF] Free Download

    The tropical countries with rich flora are under threat. So far 4,000,000 plant species are identified of which 2, 86,000 are of angiosperms. Among the identified plants about seventy percent belong to tropical regions.

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    Taxonomy of Angiosperm And Biodiversity [PDF] Free Download

    In the modern times people are running for the applied sciences as cytology, genetics, experimental biology, ecology, molecular biology etc. but a few people are thinking of the basic or fundamental branches of botany like Taxonomy and Morphology. It has become an old fashion. No applied branch can be approached without the proper identification of the plant material on which he/she is working and for this taxonomists are very much needed.

    With the increased need for conservation of biological resources, the need for biodiversity assessment during the last few years has increased. The trend has, however, reversed and taxonomic studies are being encouraged throughout the world.