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The 4-Hour Work Week PDF Download

    📚 Book NameThe 4-Hour Work Week PDF Download
    👨‍🏫 AuthorTim Ferriss
    📄 Pages416
    🏷️ ISBN 978-0307465351

    The 4 Hour Work Week PDF Download

    Imagine that you are working only 4 hours per week and the rest of days you chill out on beach maybe, and your online business makes money for you while you set in there. Isn’t that amazing! The real question is, is that really possible?

    The answer is yes. The 4-Hour Work Week PDF Download provides you some lessons in order to make it work. Lesson 1: define fear. Ask yourself what really costs you financially, emotionally and physically if you didn’t chase your dream? Are you really will be lying on couch for 10 years keeping doing the job you hate the most because you are scared to take the risk?

    Lesson 2: Automate your income. You have got 3 ways to do that, creating a product, reselling a product or license a product. It is win-to-win game.

    lesson 3: Be effective every single time and never rely on being efficient. Don’t think yourself productive if you are checking papers and emails. Use this principle, if you had a gun to your head, what 80% of your tasks would you remove?

    When you force your mind to work fast and sufficiently, it will. Lesson 4: outsourcing, you could use it and outsource people to do your job with a payment. This will let you have much time to spend with your family and friends.

    Lesson 5: Relative income. Find an effective way to work less and earn more money, as of course you will be addicted to it. This is absolutely the right thing to do.

    To summarize, every one should read this book if he wants a managed business and organized life. Say goodbye for the old days when you were working hard and earning less! start a whole new business life with The 4-Hour Work Week PDF Download.