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The Black Swan PDF Download

    📚 Book NameThe Black Swan PDF Download
    👨‍🏫 AuthorNassim Nicholas Taleb
    📄 Pages400
    🏷️ ISBN9789862130568

    The Black Swan PDF Download

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    The Black Swan PDF Download is an artistic book written be Nassim Nicholas Taleb in 2007. It is a modern book which discusses the theory of the black Swan. The theory could be summarized simply in 3 points. Firstly, something unexpected happening suddenly. Secondly, it has a great impact on you. Thirdly, how could you explain it after it happens?

    The Black Swan PDF Download states that everyone easily could have the black swan in his life. A person, an institute, a projoct or even a country could have the black swan. Imagine yourself a rich guy who lives a luxurious life and all of a sudden a war breaks out! isn’t that changing everything?

    In some stages in your life, unexpected matters appear out of nothing and they ruin all of your plans. So how could you protect yourself from such a thing? Here comes the turn of the The Black Swan PDF Download  to answer it.

    The Black Swan PDF Download tackles also with other questions like, what will happen if you can not predict the future? Is planning process an illusion? Should I bet on the success of my plan? And how the present could affect the future? The book answers these questions in a smooth, rational chronology that will get you amused ,for sure.

    The message of The Black Swan PDF Download is that one can not know and predict everything happens in his life, but he should be aware that the possibility could be possible.