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The Death Cure PDF is a young adult science fiction novel written ….
It was published on October 11, 2011. It is the third book of The Maze Runner series.

James Smith Dashner is an American author of speculative fiction.
He is best known for his astounding work: The Maze Runner Book Series.

The Series is composed of four novels:

  1. THE MAZE RUNNER – 2009
  3. THE DEATH CURE – 2011
  4. THE KILL ORDER – 2012


The Death Cure PDF‘s Cover:

The Death Cure PDF James Dashner


Diving into The Death Cure PDF …:

The Death Cure PDF provides closure to The Maze Runner series.
It answers all the previously asked questions.
The Gladers’ adventure heads down a new lane with Right Arm.

We follow Thomas as he gradually answers all his questions.
He discovers that “The Flare” is incurable and that the Gladers and Group B are naturally immune to it.

Their immunity causes people of the outside world to hate them which makes this latter dangerous.
Thomas and his friends refuse to regain their lost memory and choose to escape and join forces with “Right Arm” against WICKED.


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Title The Death Cure
Author James Dashner
Edition New York Times
ISBN 9780375896125
Pages 182
4.2/53 ratings

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