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The Diving-Bell and The Butterfly PDF Download

    📚 Book NameThe Diving-Bell and The Butterfly PDF Download
    👨‍🏫 AuthorJean Dominique Bauby
    📄 Pages131
    🏷️ ISBN978-0-375-40115-2

    The Diving Bell and The Butterfly PDF Download

    What really attracted me about The Diving-Bell and The Butterfly PDF Download novel is the inspiration story of the author backstage. Jean Dominique Bauby was a normal guy, living a normal, but something happened changed the course of his life forever. While he was driving with his kid, he had got a hard stroke and he laid in bed for 20 days in a coma. The moment he woke up, he couldn’t move any part of his body except his eyes. He could not speak as well.

    What do you expect of someone who would not be able to continue his life the way he did before? Writing a novel is way far from him certainly. But he did it anyway, and it was a success. He wrote the The Diving-Bell and The Butterfly PDF Download with the help of his personal assistant through blinking his eyes.

    He decided to tell the world what is going on in his mind and imagination through this novel. He captured himself as having the spirit of a butterfly who flies far, smoothly and freely with no obstacles, and captured his body as wearing a heavy diving suit which blocks the butterfly moves.

    The message the author wants to deliver is once the possible ends, creativity begins. The free spirits are still able to fly, even if bodies became corpses.

    The author did not ignore gratefulness for those who helped him during his tough journey. In The Diving-Bell and the Butterfly PDF Download, Dominique thanked nurses and assistants. He wrote about those who let him down and left him heart-broken. He described how he expressed love through crying for his kids who are not able to understand him.

    The Diving-Bell and the Butterfly PDF Download made us believe that we still are able to do important things even if we are almost dead! it taught us that hope is still there, and it will never evaporate. The story of Jean Dominique has touched my heart, and I’m sure you also did!