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The Flame and The Flower PDF Download

    📚 Book NameThe Flame and The Flower PDF Download
    👨‍🏫 AuthorKathleen E. Woodiwiss
    📄 Pages430
    🏷️ ISBN978-0380005253

    The Flame And The Flower PDF Download

    The story of The Flame and The Flower PDF Download begins with Heather Simmons being left dejected when her parents passed on. She was taken in by her auntie and uncle and lives with them in a modest bungalow in the open country. Her auntie treats her no superior to a hireling, constraining her to buckle down from day break to nightfall and wear excessively enormous, worn out used cloths. At the point when her auntie’s sibling paid a visit to them and offers to take her to London, where he guarantees he can get work for her at a school for youngsters, Heather seizes the opportunity to better her conditions.

    Much to her dismay that the man truly intended to exploit her virginal charms and afterward offer her to a house of ill-repute. At the point when Heather understands his actual aim, she attempts to guard herself against his undesirable advances, however in the process unintentionally wounds him. Imagining that she executed the man and the specialists could never trust it was an accident, she runs into the dull streets late around evening time, where she experiences two sailors who persuade her to accompany them to meet their chief.

    In The Flame and The Flower PDF Download, she accompanies the 2 men, thinking she would be rescued. But that turns to be wrong, finding that the captain wanted a woman for the night and he beds her against her will. He wanted her to be his mistress, but she refused and escaped away from him, returning to her untie again.

    She tells the truth after the signs of pregnancy showed up, and her auntie forces the captain to marry her. He is not satisfied about that, and soon took her to southern plantation where she had to meet his fiancèe. He starts to treat her nicely over time and there is a hope to find her new happiness with him.

    Perhaps, you will feel disgusted about this kind of romance, but worthly to mention that The Flame and The Flower PDF Download has gave birth to the modern romance, so you can not call yourself a fan of romance without reading it. The part that may attract your attention is the matching between them in the end. She could feel happy with the man who raped her at first and that is a new, unexpected idea. If you want to try a new kind of romance, give a shot to The Flame and The Flower PDF Download.