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The Great Gatsby PDF is a tragic novel, written by F. Scott Fitzgerald and published for the first time back in 1925.
This work has been adapted into several films (including the most famous one directed by Baz Luhrmann and released in 2013) and an opera work in 1999.

F. Scott Fitzgerald is an American fiction writer. He is one of the most known American writers of all-time, and his works have inspired generations after him and have been adapted into several cinematographical, musical and opera works.

The Great Gatsby PDF is a classic, written by F. Scott Fitzgerald; a beautiful critic of a prosperous society that hides the most troublesome secrets imaginable, loose morals and ambitious dreams and most importantly love that defies everything else.



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The Great Gatsby PDF F. Scott Fitzgerald EnglishPDF


Diving into The Great Gatsby PDF by Fitzgerald:

The Great Gatsby PDF is one of the most renowned American classics, it is set in a prosperous Long island that is divided into what is called east egg and west egg.

It is the year 1922 in an area that will later be referred to as the Jazz age in which alcohol was a symbol and sex is the main obsession.
Nick Carraway is a war veteran who travelled to New York in order to become a salesman.
He rented a bungalow in the west egg near a luxurious mansion owned by a mysterious millionaire who hosts endless parties that he never attends.

Theories concerning how he obtained all those riches are usually the main gossip of the parties, yet no one really knows how or why he does what he does.

The millionaire will later take a personal interest in Nick and will slowly start unravelling his secrets to him.
The Great Gatsby is a tragedy fiction, in which love’s the main theme, the obsession over things, people and ideas.
A critic of the American society at the time and a sense of details that you’ll certainly enjoy more than anything!



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Title The Great Gatsby
Author F. Scott Fitzgerald
ISBN Free Classics
Pages 193
4.3/52 ratings

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