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The Kill Order PDF (2012)

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The Kill Order PDF James Dashner

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The Kill Order PDF is a young adult science fiction novel written ….
It was published on August 12, 2012. It is the fourth -and last- book of The Maze Runner series.

James Smith Dashner is an American author of speculative fiction.
He is best known for his astounding work: The Maze Runner Book Series.

The Series is composed of four novels:

  1. THE MAZE RUNNER – 2009
  3. THE DEATH CURE – 2011
  4. THE KILL ORDER– 2012

The Kill Order PDF‘s Cover:

The Kill Order PDF James Dashner


Diving into The Kill Order PDF…:

The events of this book take place thirteen years before the first entry of the saga.
The Kill Order PDF starts by introducing a group of teenagers;
They found themselves in New York as the world was hit by deadly solar flares.
It brought about the end of the world as we know it, and thus began a new era for humanity.

Rattled by the natural disasters that followed the flare, the young group fled to a village in North Carolina.
Yet no matter how far they run, trouble follows them.
The village got attacked by men armed with darts that infect their targets with a deadly virus.

In order to save the village, they went on a quest to discover the cure, and help protect everyone they love.
The Kill Order PDF, …, is the best way to end such a series, a masterpiece!


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