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The Notebook PDF Download

    📚 Book NameThe Notebook PDF Download
    👨‍🏫 AuthorNicholas Sparks
    📄 Pages214
    🏷️ ISBN0-446-52080-2
    The Notebook

    The Notebook PDF Download is one of the most heart-breaking stories ever written. The novel opens with Noah tells a story to a lady next to him in his house. One day, Noah, a 31 year old, sets his house for sale. Allie, a 29 year old decides to go and take a look on this house after she saw the advertisement in the newspapers.

    They meet together, after a separation lasted for 14 years because of the interference of her mother. Noah tells Allie that he kept writing letters for her in The Notebook PDF Download for 1 year after separation, and she told him her mother never mentioned something of that.

    They stay for the night talking, laughing and eating. Then when she returns, she finds her fiance trying to reach her and he is worried. The next day, Allie goes to Noah again as he promised to get her a surprise. He takes her into a ride on a canoe to watch geese and swans. They kiss and make love.

    The Notebook PDF Download gets them realize after then how important they are to each other, but she doesn’t want to hurt her fiance and she decides to leave him.

    The Notebook PDF Download stops the story at this point and Noah is still talking to the lady who is his wife, Allie. She doesn’t remember him as she is suffering from Alzheimer’s. He is also sick, he’s got cancer, kidney failure and heart disease.

    The Notebook PDF Download ends with them being together in the house care, realizing that love is going to have them away together.