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The Old Man and the Sea PDF Download


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The old Man and the Sea PDF (1952) is one of the most famous works of Ernest Hemingway and his last major fiction work released during his lifetime. The old Man and the Sea is a short heroic novel that narrates a story about an aging experienced Cuban fisherman named Santiago facing hard times catching a giant marlin off the coast of Cuba.

The novel, The old Man and the Sea PDF, is centered mainly on that old fisherman who has just spent 84 days without catching a single fish deciding one day to take his skiff out in the deep waters of the Gulf Stream, where he could hook a giant marlin.

In spite of all his experience and strength, he stayed in the sea for three days fighting with the fish till he finally could lash it to his boat. Unfortunately the old man’s effort goes in vein. The sharks could track the smell of the dead marlin and manage eventually to devour it leaving its skeleton behind.

The old Man and the Sea PDF is deemed to be Earnest Hemingway’s serious attempt to restore the readers’ confidence and regain his well literary reputation he has been known for and he seemingly succeeded in that since the novel was an immediate success.

He is demonstrating in The old Man and the Sea PDF that man has the full ability to defy that nature and overcome the hardships and challenges that he encounters. The protagonist Santiago here embodies human capability to endure such burden and also his affection towards sea and adventure.

Title the old man and the sea
Author Ernest Hemingway
Edition latest
ISBN 978-0684153636
Pages 127
4.8/5153 ratings

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