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The Stranger PDF by Albert Camus (1942)

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The Stranger PDF is a novel, written by Albert Camus in order to transmit his main philosophy, it was published in 1942.

Albert Camus is a French philosopher and writer, he won the Nobel prize of literature in 1957.
He was mostly known for being an advocate of the philosophy of absurdism.

The Stranger PDF is the story of a French Algerian man, Meursault, who lives in North Africa.
The book starts with an event, the death of the protagonist’s mother.
The man seems totally indifferent, which is odd, to say the least considering the misfortune.

Find out why in this beautiful philosophical journey.


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The Stranger PDF‘s cover:

The Stranger PDF Albert Camus EnglishPDF


Diving into The Stranger PDF by Albert Camus:

After attending the funeral, Meursault feels almost inconvenienced by the duty.
He hated when he was obliged to abide by the Mediterranean traditions and cultures.

Shortly after the funeral, Meursault killed a man who was involved with one of his neighbors.
He was then sentenced to capital punishment.

The Stranger PDF isn’t the mere story of an indifferent man, but it is a gold mine for philosophical inquiries and thought.
“A man who doesn’t mourn his mother can always be punished by death”.


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Title The Stranger
Author Albert Camus
Edition Hamish Hamilton
ISBN 9780679720201
Pages 125
4.3/52 ratings

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