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DMCA – Twilight New Moon PDF Download

Twilight New Moon PDF Download


Twilight New Moon PDf is the second book and movie in the series of twilight which is written by Stephenie Meyer who is best known for this series. The book was published in Sep. 2006 and it was seemingly received with much popularity.

This romantic book Twilight New Moon PDF starts from where the first book has stopped whereas despite the challenges and the danger that Bella subjects herself to, they both have decided to continue together into the future hand in hand until an unfortunate accident took place.

In a party hosted in Bella’s house, Bella receives a paper cut by accident and one of the Collins named Jasper gets overwhelmed by the smell of her blood and attacks her. Edward gets very upset by what has happened and decides that they can’t be together anymore afraid that Bella might get hurt because of him.

In an attempt to protect her the Collins family agree to leave the town and to make that happen Edward breaks up with her telling her that he doesn’t love her any more, and from there starts our book with a very interesting twisted plot.

The events escalate new characters appears over the story complicating the plot of the book Twilight New Moon PDF. After many misunderstanding, Edward hears that Bella has committed suicide by throwing herself off the cliff and thereby Edward decides to do the same since he knows he can’t live without her. Would he kill himself? Or wouldn’t he? The suspense boosts as you go deeper through the book.

Title Twilight New Moon PDF Download
Author Stephenie Meyer
Edition latest
ISBN 0-316-16019-9
Pages 563
4.4/546 ratings

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