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Understanding and Using English Grammar PDF

Understanding and Using English Grammar PDF

Understanding and Using English Grammar PDF , Today’s book talks about how to learn the rules of the

English language, so the student must learn it properly, and at the same time, you do not need a large

amount of cement (rules) in order to build the wall and room, you need a few rules and a lot of words

and practice, in order to establish those Words and rules in your mind more and more and transform

them from information into a method that you use in your life.


The correct way to learn the rules
There is a problem facing many students, especially those who are learning the English language

in local institutes or even in schools. The traditional way of learning unfortunately does not lead to

a real mastery of the language, it focuses first and last on explaining the grammar of the language,

and those rules are explained in a dry way through books and lieutenants, Therefore, we find that the

English language is taught in Arab schools from advanced stages, and she continues to study 6 years

or more, then the student graduates from high school and is unable to use the English language in a practical way.


Teaching the English language is an integrated process consisting of several parallel tracks.

These lines must go close, and each track takes its right from effort and time, and the rules of the

English language are one of these tracks. We find that there is another path represented by receiving

the language through watching and listening, this The last path should take more time and effort than

the grammar learning track, also the continuous acquisition of new words while learning is vital and important.

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