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Who Moved My Cheese PDF Download

    📚 Book NameWho Moved My Cheese PDF Download
    👨‍🏫 AuthorDr Spenser Johnson
    📄 Pages32
    🏷️ ISBN 9780671043346

    Who Moved My Cheese PDF Download

    Who Moved My Cheese PDF Download is a unique story. Don’t be taken with the silly title, as it has a metaphor inside.

    Who Moved My Cheese PDF Download is a story about two mice, which adore cheese and two men in the size of mice. The cheese is lost and They had to enter a maze to look for new cheese. Each individual is taking his path forward in order to find the piece of cheese.

    One of two men kept complaining about Who Moved My Cheese PDF Download and he was passive in his reaction. But, the other guy adapted with the new situation and he believed that the cheese won’t be returned. So, he entered the maze searching for a new cheese.

    Cheese is a metaphor for things we want in life, like a dream we want to achieve, a relationship or a career. Keep in mind that they always move the cheese and things constantly change. So, all you have got to do is to adapt with it. Probably, this is lesson number 1 in Who Moved My Cheese PDF Download.

    Anticipate change! this means that you should get ready for everything that is possible to happen, the cheese can be moved. Being surprised may have a negative impact on you. Set your mind on the expectation that everything is possible and everything could change in one second.

    Other lessons you need to be aware is monitoring change and adapting to change quickly. This way you will save your time, energy and psychology effect. Let go the old cheese and you soon will be enjoying the new cheese!

    Remember, cheese is not the only thing which meant to change, you should change also and be developed over time. Certainly when you do it, you would enjoy the taste of the new cheese!