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[FREE] The 48 Laws of Power PDF by Robert Greene (1998)

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The 48 Laws of Power PDF is a self-development reference, written by Robert Greene and published for the first time back in 1998.

The books lists the 48 rules that you need in your life to conqueur your environment annd become stronger in the community, which can help you develop your personal life.

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The 48 Laws of Power PDF‘s Cover:

The 48 Laws of Power PDF Robert Greene EnglishPDF

Diving into The 48 Laws of Power PDF:

Concepts such as mercy, compassion, and common good don’t exist in the corporate world.
It is a cold and a highly competitive place where you absolutely need to be in control in order to survive let alone thrive in it.

This book entitled The 48 Laws of Power PDF, by Robert Greene, is all about creating that control, it shows you how to be able to exercise dominance on your surroundings.

Hard working employees usually find themselves in a position where they are not being recognised for their good work, to their surprise the harder they work the more they get yelled at and it can be quite frustrating.

It seems the them that no amount of hard work will get them out of the position they are already in. The author of this book tried to translate his years’ worth of professional experience into 48 laws that will help you gain power in your work place.

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Title The 48 Laws of Power
Author Robert Greene
Edition 1/10/2000
ISBN 978-0140280197
Pages 452
3.8/572 ratings

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