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A Better Man PDF by Louise Penny (2019)

    📚 Book NameA Better Man
    👨‍🏫 AuthorLouise Penny
    📄 Pages497
    🏷️ ISBN9781466873711

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    A Better Man PDF is a mystery/fiction novel, written by Louise Penny and published in 2019.

    Louise Penny is a Canadian author of mystery and fiction novels, she is the writer of the well-known Chief Inspector Armand Gamache series,  and this novel is the last work of the series.

    A better man is an amazing novel by Louise Penny, that explores, on a profound level, the depth that human emotion can truly reach.
    This novel is a New York Times’ Bestseller.

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    A Better Man PDF’s Cover:

    A Better Man PDF Louise Penny EnglishPDF


    Diving into A Better Man PDF by Louise Penny:

    Chief Inspector Armand Gamache is one hell of a detective, he goes back to Quebec to become the head of the homicide department. He finds out that he will be sharing his job with an old friend and second in command Jean-Guy Beauvoir.

    When Armand got to his new job the current situation was a bit chaotic due to some horrible spring flooding that horrified the citizens.
    But that’s not all, the detective was approached by a father whose daughter disappeared in a mysterious turn of events.

    This turn of events has put Armand in a tight spot, torn between the man’s cry for help, and his duty to the community.

    As the threats caused by the flooding becomes increasingly alarming the detective feels that he absolutely has to stop the search for the missing girl, but her father’s continuous requests led the detective on a journey riddled with mystery.

    A Better Man PDF, by Louise Penny, is not your average novel, the amount of love that the writer feels for her character can be seen in every part of this book making it in simple words a masterpiece.


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