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A Passage to India PDF by Edward Morgan Forster (1924)

    📚 Book NameA Passage to India
    👨‍🏫 AuthorEdward Morgan Forster
    📄 Pages141
    🏷️ ISBN9780156711425

    A Passage to India PDF by Edward Morgan Forster at EnglishPDF:

    A Passage to India PDF is a novel, written by Edward Morgan Forster and published in 1924.

    Edward Morgan Forster is an English novelist and short-story writer, he focused most of his work on class difference and the hypocrisy of western societies.

    A Passage to India PDF is a novel based on the author’s experience in India.
    The novel takes place during the Indian independence movement during the 1920s and was considered one of the best works of literature during that time.


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    A Passage to India PDF‘s Cover:

    A Passage to India PDF E.M Forster EnglishPDF


    Diving into A Passage to India PDF by E.M. Forster:

    Adela Quested, and her elderly friend, Mrs. Moore,  are two British citizens who decided to go on a trip to visit India.
    Rattled by the judgment from the local community, they decided to seek Dr. Aziz’s so that they can visit the true India.

    But misfortune follows them while exploring a cave, a mysterious incident happened that made both Indians and British people frown on them.
    A Passage to India PDF is a beautiful work of literature that truly portraits what it really feels like to live under the rule of an imperial force.

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