Title:A Practical English Grammar
Author:A.J.Thomson A.V.Martinent
Genre:Grammar PDF
Collection:English Grammar
Pages:378 Pages
Size:1.89 Mo
Edition:Oxford University Press
4.1/57621 ratings


A Practical English Grammar PDF for free

A Practical English Grammar

Thomson and Martinet’s classic grammar is the most widely used book of its kind. It is popular because its explanations are clear and because it deals thoroughly with the topics which students find most difficult. It is intended for intermediate and post-intermediate learners, but is also a useful source of reference for more advanced students and for teachers.

A Practical English Grammar Cover:

A Practical English Grammar
A Practical English Grammar

Download A Practical English Grammar PDF for free.

“A Practical English Grammar” has now been revised and reissued in a fourth edition. The text has been rewritten in many places to bring it up to date. Some material has been rearranged to make it simpler for the reader to compare related topics. There is fresh or fuller treatment of many subjects, notably in the chapters on nouns, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions, auxiliary verbs, the infinitive and the passive. A new index contains many more entries and now includes references to every important structural word. These changes, and an improved design, make “A Practical English Grammar” more informative and easier to consult than ever.

A Practical English Grammar PDF for free 1 A Practical English Grammar PDF for free 2 A Practical English Grammar PDF for free 3

A Practical English Grammar PDF for free by A.J.Thomson, A.V.Martinent
Edited by
Hamid Sarrafzadeh

  • Book Title: A Practical English Grammar
  •  Author: A.J.Thomson A.V.Martinent
  •  Category: Grammar.
  •  Genre: Grammar PDF
  •  Collection: English Grammar
  •  Pages: 378 Pages
  •  Size: 1.89 Mo
  •  Edition: Oxford University Press
  •  ISBN: —

Download A Practical English Grammar .

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