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A Tree Grows in Brooklyn PDF is a semi-autobiography novel, written by Betty Smith and published for the first time back in 1943.

Betty Smith is a renowned american author born in 1896, she studied in the university of Michigan and later became one of the most influential writers of her time.

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn PDF is considered one of America’s most beloved classics.
It follows the story of an impoverished, ambitious and most of all idealistic teenage girl named Francie Nolan, and her daily life struggles in the poor slums of Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

This beautiful work of art will take you through a journey where you will experience the most fascinating emotions.


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The novels opens in 1912 introducing the eleven-years-old Francie‘s family that’s made out of Johnny and Katie her parents, and her younger brother Cornelius.

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn PDF tries to describe the daily struggles of the family.
It eventually pushed the teenage girl to rely on books and often on her own imaginations to cope with the pain that comes with living in the slums.

With an alcoholic for a father and and a strict mother, Francie is stuck in a position where the only way out requires her to relinquish all dreams and hopes for the sake of survival.


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Title A Tree Grows in Brooklyn
Author Betty Smith
Edition Harper & Brothers
ISBN 9780786109913
Pages 412
4.3/52 ratings

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