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Algebra For Dummies PDF is a mathematics manual, written by Mary Jane Sterling and published for the first time in 2001.
The present Algebra I For Dummies is the second edition of the book.

In this reference, you’ll get introduced to everything that you need to know about algebra including the rational and irrational numbers, variables and parameters, and positive and negative

Algebra I For Dummies PDF is an excellent reference for people that are willing to get a hold of the aspects of mathematics, generally, and algebra specifically;
It is ideal for beginners and even intermediates, for it offers a wide variety of content, examples, and exercises to get used to the topics



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Algebra for dummies pdf EnglishPDF



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Title Algebra For Dummies
Author Mary Jane Sterling
Edition First Editions
ISBN 9780764553257
Pages 224
4.5/53 ratings

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