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Alice in Wonderland PDF by Lewis Carroll (1865)

    📚 Book NameAlice's Adventures in Wonderland
    👨‍🏫 AuthorLewis Carroll
    📄 Pages105
    🏷️ ISBNFree Classics

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    Alice in Wonderland PDF is a classical fiction novel, written by Lewis Carroll and published for the first time back in 1865.

    Lewis Carroll is an English writer of fictional works mostly for children. He is also a poet, a mathematician, and a photographer.

    Alice in Wonderland PDF,  the common name of the novel Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, is one of the most known works of fiction of all time.
    It tells the story of a teenage girl that went through a rabbit hole into a fantasy world known as Wonderland.


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    Alice in Wonderland PDF’s Cover:

    Alice in Wonderland PDF Lewis Carroll EnglishPDF


    Diving into Alice in Wonderland PDF by Lewis Carroll:

    Alice in Wonderland PDF is a classical work of fiction, it tells the story of a little girl named Alice.
    The young girl was fed up with her family, tired from how unidimensional everything around her is, all she ever really wanted was something peculiar something unique an adventure.

    And while sitting with her sister outdoors, she notices a rabbit holding a pocket watch runs by, this odd scene made her curious.
    Alice chased after the rabbit who entered a rabbit hole, the girl followed him in only to fall in a strange hallway.

    Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, by Lewis Carroll, tells the story of her entering Wonderland, an estranged place where nothing is what it normally is;
    talking animals, strange creatures and bizarre characters.

    She realizes that she needs to go back home, and in pursuit of this goal a series of strange events happen getting her caught in multiple conflicts between the characters of Wonderland.



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