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[FREE] Machines Like Me (2019)

نتيجة بحث الصور عن Machines Like Me

A remarkable novel of deep humanity: Is the machine the future of man?

London 1982, but not quite as we have known it. The Beatles are still together (owl), England lost the Falklands War (bof) and Alan Turing did not commit suicide (so what?) And this is the starting point of the novel. The scientist has designed an android with the most advanced artificial intelligence there is, of which 24 are sold: 12 Eve and 12 Adam.

Charlie Fried buys one of the Adam’s: he goes to sleep with his fiancee, Miranda, then sends him to prison and earn thousands of pounds by trading, but when he starts to think seriously, Charlie Fried’s life will really change !



Title Machines Like Me
Author Ian McEwan
ISBN 2072849977
3.9/57 ratings

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