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[PDF] The Handmaid’s Tale (Free Download)

The Handmaid's Tale: Atwood, Margaret: 9780385490818 ...In the near future marked by a drastic decline in fertility, the United States has become the “Republic of Gilead”. Men hold power, while women are categorized by function (wives, maids, prostitutes, gestators). Defred is a gestator, serving a family. The book follows its course…

Difficult to miss The Scarlet Servant in recent years: it is THE ultra-realistic anticipation series, which has a strong resonance after the coming to power of Donald Trump… This adaptation of the novel of the same name by Margaret Atwood is worth a detour! The tension is palpable, the sets and lights are perfect. Please note that several scenes are violent: watch with a warned eye.

This book is written in a gentle way that oscillates between the past and future to clearly show the evolution of laws and customs.
The dictatorship is at its peak, the information, the fear makes that the population, and more surely the women, do not take any risk and obey.

A book that is quite cold in the back, which touches the finger certain countries existing today when their ideology on the role and the future of women. This book also shows the boredom and rout of the whole population in the face of religious dogmatism and its prudishness.

A strong book, which marks and hurts as well by its narration, as by the possibility that such a thing could happen in our world and once again put freedom whatever it is in danger.

Title The Handmaid's Tale
Author Margaret Atwood
Edition Free
Pages 311
4.1/517 ratings

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