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Good Calories, Bad Calories PDF(2007)

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Good Calories, Bad Calories PDF is a groundbreaking nutrition and health book, written and published in late 2007.

is an American science journalist specializing in health and nutrition.
He is mostly known for his writings on low-carbohydrate diets.

Good Calories, Bad Calories PDF revolves around a simple and groundbreaking idea;
The author of this book believes that the number defining our calorie intake isn’t the only variable when trying to lose weight, instead, he tries to emphasize the quality of the calories we consume.



Good Calories, Bad Calories PDF‘s Cover:

Good Calories, Bad Calories PDF - Gary Taubes - EnglishPDF

Diving into Good Calories, Bad Calories PDF …:

For a very long time, we have been led to believe that eating less and exercising more is an absolute must in order to stay healthy.
For the most part, that statement can be considered true, although we can surely agree that obesity and various heart diseases result in the death of many Americans yearly.

Good Calories, Bad Calories PDF explains the following dilemma by focusing on the nature of the calories we consume.
considers refined carbs as the main source of most of the health issues in nowadays society.
He spent hour after hour studying the traditional diet across various cultures, which has led him to conclude that refined carbs are the problem.



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Title Good Calories, Bad Calories
Author Gary Taubes
ISBN 9781400040780
Pages 640
4.5/54 ratings

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