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How Not to Die PDF is a health, food and nutrition book written by Michael Greger and published in 2015.

Michael Greger writer of this books, is an American physician and health expert who specialises in public health issues. The author was publicly known for supporting plant-based diets as the best prevention method for a multitude of diseases that a lot of Americans suffer from.

How Not to Die PDF is a book that offers nutritional solutions to some of the major health issues found in the American society, such as high-blood pressure, diabetes and Parkinson disease.

The idea behind this very informative book is that following the right diet can not only prevent diseases that are responsible for premature death, but it can also revitalise and energise your body.

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Diving into How Not To Die PDF by Michael Greger

The nutrition book How Not To Die PDF is mainly split up into two parts:

The first one talks about some of the major chronic diseases that can be responsible for an early death.
Here the author attempts to prove that a disease doesn’t necessarily have to be acute in order to require your full attention.
A lot of diseases, such as heart disease or brain disease, can in fact be prevented or stopped in its tracks with the help of the appropriate diet.

The second part of this book serves as a guideline;
It will both help and encourage you to stick to your diet, by offering a wide variety of information on all sort of plant-based food.
The information provided in this manual will allow you to hand pick the most nutritious food you can lay your hands on.

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Title How Not to Die
Author Michael Greger
Edition New York Times
ISBN 9781250066114
Pages 742
4.3/516 ratings

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