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Hunger Games PDF Download

Hunger Games PDF Download

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The Hunger Games PDF is a trilogy by Suzanne Collins set in the fictional world of Panem; the country of Panem which has been split into 12 districts and is run by a corrupt government referred to as The Capitol.

As punishment for a rebellion that occurred 75 years ago, each year The Capitol holds the Hunger Games, an annual competition to which each district must send two teenagers—one male and one female—to compete. The 24 participants of the Hunger Games are thrown into an arena to fight to the death, with the sole survivor declared the winner.

The novel is centered on our main character katniss Everdeen who is from district 12. Her sister was chosen to take part in the upcoming hunger game. Katniss affection towards her sister encouraged her to volunteer on her behalf.

There begins our little adventure in the story, The Hunger Games PDF, where katniss and another boy from district 12 is being transported to the Capitol to be welcomed by the Capital dwellers with cheers, and also to be prepared for the games.

There they are introduced in a funny moment to their mentor Haymitch who supposedly should help our tributes not just stay alive in this savage game but also win those awful games.

Lots of challenges and misfortunes stand in the way of our tributes. The book, The Hunger Games PDF, goes with lots of ups and downs; we lose more and more character as we go deeper in the wonderful novel.

Title Hunger Games PDF Download
Author Suzanne Collins
Edition SlotoGate
ISBN 978-0439023481
Pages 384
4.5/53 ratings

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