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I Am Legend PDF Download

    📚 Book NameI Am Legend
    👨‍🏫 AuthorRichard Matheson
    📄 Pages176
    🏷️ ISBN978-1399607735

    I Am Legend PDF Download is horror novel, written in 1954 by Richard Matheson. It tackles with vampire literature. The novel was adapted into 4 films having different titles.

    The novel opens with Robert Neville who is the only survivor of a disease spread in the whole earth. This disease turned humans into blood-suckers. Curing these creatures lies on his shoulders out of feeling responsible for the earth. I Am Legend PDF Download tracks the details of Robert’s life of finding the right cure and doing researches.

    I Am Legend PDF Download

    There must be some danger surrounding him. Vampires don’t leave him live in peace and go around his house, trying to find a way in. In order to survive, Robert locks himself in the house for nights. I Am Legend PDF Download novel used some flashbacks to show heart-breaking moments of the hero’s life. The disease attacked his girl and wife, he had to kill them for not turning into vampires.

    He faced some weak moments and got drunk, but then he had to keep strength in order to find a cure. He was desperate for company and he found a trusting dog but died weeks after. Robert kept his searching and could find the reason behind turning to vampire, some kind of Bacteria.

    The events complicate and he is captured by some conscious vampires. Once he realized his fate and him being a legend to this new race of vampires, he took suicide pills and was dead. I Am Legend PDF Download ends with grief by the death of the only survivor of the human race.