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JavaScript Succinctly PDF by Cody Lindley (2012)

    📚 Book NameJavaScript Succinctly
    👨‍🏫 AuthorCody Lindley
    📄 Pages143
    🏷️ ISBN--

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    JavaScript Succinctly PDF is a JS manual, written by Cody Lindley, and published in 2012.

    What is extraordinary about this book is that it gives the reader an accurate/complete overview while going through the Object-Oriented programming paradigm.
    It mainly focuses on the nature of objects when it comes to JavaScript.

    Cody Lindley is a front-end/JavaScript developer, with over than 20 years of professional experience.

    JavaScript Succinctly PDF’s Cover:

    JavaScript Succinctly PDF EnglishPDF

    Diving into JavaScript Succinctly PDF:

    JavaScript Succinctly PDF is a chance for those who are using the available libraries (for instance Prototype or jQuery) to transform them from JavaScript librarians to JavaScript developers.


    First, I must admit that I wrote this book JavaScript Succinctly for myself.
    Truth be told, I crafted this material so I could drink my own Kool-Aid and always remember what it tastes like.

    In other words, I wanted a reference written in my own words used to jog my memory as needed.

    Cody Lindley

    This book JavaScript Succinctly was written for those who want to pop the hood and get their hands dirty in JavaScript itself.

    Advanced technical books written about programming languages are often full of monolithic code examples and pointless meanderings.
    This book is based upon short clear explanations, for getting to the point doesn’t require breaking it totally down.

    This entails reducing complex topics into smaller, digestible concepts taught with minimal words and backed with comprehensive and focused code examples.

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