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Love, Rosie PDF by Cecilia Ahern (2004)

    📚 Book NameLove, Rosie
    👨‍🏫 AuthorCecilia Ahern
    📄 Pages443
    🏷️ ISBN1401383025

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    Love, Rosie PDF, from its original title Where Rainbows End PDF, is a fiction and romance novel, written by Cecilia Ahern and published for the first time back in 2004.
    The book has been adapted to a successful romance motion picture that was premiered in 2014.

    Cecilia Ahern is an Irish romance and fiction novelist.
    Where Rainbows End PDF is her second published novel and PS. I Love You is one of her famous works.

    Love, Rosie PDF is a tasty romantic story between two persons who can’t seem to get it right! Everybody knows that they’re meant for each other except themselves.

    The heroes of this story are Alex and Rosie, best friends since childhood.
    Everything seems and goes in its natural course, till the day Alex‘s family decides to move to Boston.
    They were at the very beginning of their romantic journey after years of friendship and life sharing.


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    Love Rosie Cecilia Ahern EnglishPDF


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